The Gibbon Experience in Laos

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A photoessay of The Gibbon Experience in Laos, a once in a lifetime 3-day, 2-night zip lining adventure and environmental protection program in the Nam Kan National Protected Area. 

BOKEO PROVINCE, Laos — Fulfilled a childhood fantasy of sleeping in a treehouse; fulfilled a continuous, lifelong fantasy of being able to fly. Three days in the jungle living in a treehouse 23 metres up in the canopy and only accessible by zip line.

Gibbon Experience
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

And zip line I did, all day, along 440 metre long cables that would begin in a tunnel of green and suddenly open up with nothing above but sky, nothing around me but mountains and 150 metres of nothing between me and the forest below. The cables spanned entire valleys and if I soared across and dared looked down, there I would spy my shadow – a speck – moving like a bird’s across the treetops.

But the part that made my neck hair stand on end was waking to the beautiful song of the gibbons before watching the rambunctious family of five putting on a spectacular morning show as I cupped hot chocolate and shed tears of joy. At that moment in time my existence meant nothing to them, and that’s the way it should always be.

The Gibbon Experience in Laos: the treehouses

Gibbon Experience
Look up. Way up.
And peer through the trees.
And peer through the trees.
Gibbon Experience
Treehouse #7, shower with a view. If you’re nervous about heights, you wouldn’t want to look down between the slats. Also, don’t drop the soap (get you’re mind out of the gutter).
Gibbon Laos
Home for the next two nights, complete with creature comforts.
flight of gibbon Laos
A home with a view.

The Gibbon Experience in Laos: zip lining

Let’s fly.

Gibbon Laos
A natural high.
ziplining Laos
Just dangling from a treehouse 45 metres up in the air, no biggie.
Gibbon Laos
zipline Laos
Back to the nest.

At home with Nature

Gibbon Experience
Tree rats, they’ll steal your Tim Tams and chips.
Flight of the gibbon Laos
Black and buff, exactly how I like my woodpeckers.
Gibbon Laos
Dett began guiding with The Gibbon Experience when it first opened in 2007. He later moved onto the construction team and built what is now known as Treehouse #1, the largest of the six used in the 3-day Gibbon Experience program. As we hike through the forest he stops to explain plants used in jungle medicine.
Gibbon Laos
Sunset – but this is not the end of the adventure. The best is yet to come.

 Awaken. And listen:

Just the Facts

The Classic Gibbon Experience is 3-day 2-night adventure. This program gives you the best chance of gibbon sightings. Price is 2,450,000 kip / 310 USD.

For those short on time, there is also a 1-night trip available. Contact The Gibbon Experience for the latest information and prices.

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  • Naomi

    Hey! I’m going to be travelling to Laos later this year and should be crossing the border from northern Thailand into Laos and was thinking about doing this. How were the bugs? People? Animals? I’m a city girl and don’t go camping much lol. What was your favorite part of this experience?

    • Hi @Naomi,
      You are very much in the jungle and there will be insects and wildlife – no way around it!
      There should be no princesses in the Lao jungle. The wilderness is the beauty of the experience though. You can go zip lining anywhere – but the local is what makes the Gibbon Experience so special. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and you won’t regret it. If you go in dry season (November to June) at least you will not be dealing with leeches and rain.

      That said, you can barely call the treehouse experience camping. You get mattresses, linen, mosquito net. There’s a bathroom, shower, kitchen with hot drinks and hot food is delivered via zipline. For me, the al fresco shower overlooking the forest was one my favourite things of the entire experience.


    Definitely one of my best memories in LAOS !
    Don’t miss that great experience !

  • Maria Clara

    Great post! Question about the rate though. Is it charged per person or per tree house? My boyfriend and I are going on Feb or March 2017.

    • It’s per person. You’ll be sharing the tree house with your group.